Geriatric oncology: It's not just about the cancer

Dr. Camilla Wong

What is a Geriatric Assessment and How to do it

Dr. Shabbir Alibhai

Best of Geriatric Oncology

Dr. David Dawe

Communication, Treatment Decision Making and

Coordination of Care

Fay Strohschein, PhD candidate

Discussion of Complex Cases

Dr. Shabbir Alibhai, Dr. Carlo DeAngelis, Dr. Tina Hsu, and Rana Jin

Breakout Sessions

Cognitive Impairment

Dr. Arielle Berger and Dr. Martine Puts

Prehabilitation and Preoperative Assessment 

Dr. Tyler Chesney and Dr. Daniel Santa Mina


Dr. Martin Chasen and Daniela Fierini

Toxicity Prediction, Management and Modification

Dr. Kristen Haase and Dr. Ines Menjak

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